3 Easy Exercises You Can Try At Home

In today’s world, being healthy is an important goal for every individual. Be it coping with work stress or studies; you need lots of energy.

In today’s world, being healthy is an important goal for every individual. Be it coping with work stress or studies; you need lots of energy. This can only be provided by nourishing your body and mind with healthy practices such as exercising regularly, following a balanced diet, practising mindfulness, etc.

In fact, it is recommended that you start exercising every day, especially if you have high cholesterol, blood pressure or sugar levels, regardless of your weight. It’s true – resistance training and aerobics can also help manage chronic diseases.   

Things to Keep in Mind Before Doing Home Workouts

The best time to indulge in these simple exercises is early in the morning: it’s not only more effective but also gives your day a productive start.

Apart from dedicating time to exercise, here are a few other factors to keep in mind before your next work out:

  • Good quality sleep must be your priority for a stress-free and active morning exercise
  • Drinking enough water will help your body make up for the loss of water that it sweats away during exercise
  • A pre-workout snack can be beneficial for the body. However, never force feed yourself, especially before you exercise
  • Remember to wear comfortable gym clothes and shoes
  • Always warm-up before you start exercising

Three Easy Workouts To Try At Home

Often enough, joining a gym is not a viable solution for those with inflexible schedules. Apart from avoiding excessive amounts of and food, performing simple exercises at home each morning can set you on the road to good health without taking up too much of your time.

Begin your journey towards a healthy lifestyle with these three easy workouts.

1. Skipping:

Skipping is a simple yet effective home workout that everyone can try. It is one of the best full-bodyworkouts to lose weight. Additionally, jumping rope is a piece of affordable and readily available workout equipment that can be found in every home. If, however, you can’t find one, you can opt for on-the-spot jogging which is just as effective.
Beginners should do 50 jumps in the beginning and then increase both the speed and frequency gradually. You can even enhance leg and bone strength by practising skipping every day. Besides that, it is the best exercise to lose weight and enhance agility, stamina, endurance and flexibility. 

2. Push-Ups:

Can you spare only 20 minutes every day? If yes, then push-ups are the best home workouts for you. The beauty of this exercise lies in the fact that it is basic but very effective. Beginners should start with two sets of push-ups with 10 repetitions in each and give a 5-minute break between 2 sets. With time, you can increase the number of sets. 
At the beginner level, you can start with vertical push-ups against a wall to build your strength. For intermediary, knee push-ups would be ideal and then you can move on to advance level of floor push-ups. The exercise should be done as per the comfort level of the doer.
By working the pectoral muscles, triceps and also shoulders, push-ups enhance upper body strength. The fact that push-ups are known to make the body core and lower back strong is an added benefit.

3. Squats:

Are you in search of some exercises that will also be helpful in the overall well being of your body? Then opt for squats without a second thought. Not only are squats suitable for beginners, but they also do not require any fancy equipment or too much space.

To do it, stand straight maintaining a shoulder distance between the feet. Keep the back straight with thighs parallel to the floor. Now squat in the sitting position. Taking the help of a chair while doing this exercise to lose weight is best for beginners. You can start with ten sets, gradually increasing it with time.

The Bottom Line

While adding a healthy oil to your diet definitely helps, it needs to be supplemented with simple weight training exercises for lasting results. Implementing physical activity into your routine is easier said than done, but if you are too busy to step out of the house, these three home workouts are a no-fuss way to shed those kilos and keep you healthy.