10 Easy Ways To Manage Stress

With the fast pace of life these days, you are often pushed to juggle multiple responsibilities at home and at work that can cause stress. It can be a reaction to a short-lived situation, such as being stuck in traffic or late for an appointment, or it can last a long time if you’re dealing with a relationship or financial issues. Managing your daily stress is important as it can affect more than just your mind. Prolonged stress can affect your heart health.

Learning how to manage stress needs some practice. Here are 10 easy ways to help you get started.

  1. Take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly. Practice meditation if you can spare some time daily to relax your stressed-out muscles.
  2. Go outdoors. Even a five-minute walk outside can rejuvenate you instantly. You can build a routine of getting a 30-min walk every day, often recommended by health experts.
  3. Grab stress-fighting food like dark chocolate, nuts, or oatmeal. Avoid sugary stuff that would harm your health.
  4. Stay hydrated. Water can instantly lower the stress level, relaxing your body.
  1. Watch a comedy series or funny videos to change your mind, stimulate circulation and balance heart rate.
  2. Take short breaks from work. Most of us have a job that requires hours of sitting in one place. So, take a regular break for short walks in between your long hours of sitting.
  3. Listen to music and sing along to de-stress.
  4. Use pressure techniques. Apply pressure for a few seconds between thumb and forefinger. Bundles of nerves are close to this point. Pressing relaxes nerves and lowers your stress level instantly.
  5. Stretch your body & rub your palms briskly. These simple 2-minute exercises can help you stay calm in stressful situations. 
  6. Sleep well. Get adequate sleep by setting up a schedule. Cutting off-screen time well before sleep time is often recommended by health experts to help you sleep better. 
  7. Talk therapy. Home or work problems? Discuss them out! Seeking solutions from your loved ones or your colleagues about work can help you calm down.
  8. Develop and pursue a hobby. A simple hobby like reading or engaging in creative art can be a great stress-buster. 

Although there will never be more hours in the day, you have more control than you might think. Take small steps for de-stressing and that can have a positive effect on your health & on your heart-health. Keep stress at bay and stay heart healthy!

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